Section Leaders, Mentors & Coaches

The Music Team is led by our Music & Performance VP, Clint Cottrell and includes a number of members from the chapter with the skills and the generosity to volunteer their time to help our chorus improve, both as an emsemble, and individually as singers.  These folks include the section leaders for each of the four voice parts, the M&P chairs, two at-large members, and our director.  This team selects new repertoire, puts in place the sheet music and learning tracks, and helps coach the chorus as we learn this music.  They evaluate our individual recordings and provide confidential feedback to help each singer improve.  They also arrange for additional expert outside coaching to be brought in as we prepare for contests.  The following members for the 2018-2019 year:

Music & Performance Chair Clint Cottrell
Tenor Section Leader Barry Bowers
Lead Section Leader John Bender
Baritone Section Leader Dave Donaldson
Bass Section Leader Josh Nieves
Chorus Director  Chris Owens
At Large Stan Checkoway, Jim Burg, Steve Larson, Randy Parrish , Ron Rohrs, Saurin Shah