Dear Family, Friends and Supporters,

As more information and recommendations became available in the last couple of weeks, the Harmonizers have decided to cancel the annual Spring shows.

As show chair, I was tasked with organizing and putting on an entertaining show of high quality. Signature Quartet was slated as the headliner quartet. As the #1 quartet in the world this year, a great show would have been virtually assured (BTW we are pretty awesome, too!).  

As President of the chapter, the vision I have is for growth of the chorus, improving our sound, and increase our visibility in the community. COVID-19 is not the type of exposure or visibility I had in mind. No one predicted a global pandemic! But we have to adapt and do what is right for our community and loved ones.

As a physician, I have been keeping abreast of the news on Coronavirus. Being aware of the facts and sorting through some of the hype, understanding the concerns of our members, community, and health experts, I felt it was appropriate to cancel our Shows. In addition to social distancing, people in the community can do their part by regularly washing their hands, maintaining personal hygiene by disposing of their own used tissue papers, and avoiding unnecessary physical contact such as shaking hands. These tactics have worked in Singapore to “flatten” the epidemic curve, which is really the goal until a cure or vaccine is found. This is particularly important in the next few weeks.

This will the first time in nearly 30 years that the show “will not go on”. While this is against our “DNA” (to borrow a phrase from SXSW organizers), we think this is the best way to proceed during this difficult situation. I hope you understand that this decision was not arrived at lightly, and we are working thought the practical consequences of the cancellation.

Your ticket payments will be refunded. If you purchased through a chorus member, they will be your point of contact for a refund. We hope to work out the logistics and payments in the next couple of weeks. We will keep you posted about our Fall Extravaganza show and hope you see you all at our next performance!

If you are an ad sponsor, we will run your ad for our 2020 Fall show and the entire 2021 season as well so that your ad gets in front of our fans for the full year you were promised. We appreciate your support and understanding as well.

We thank you for understanding. Everyone be safe and stay healthy!

In Harmony and on behalf of the Gulf Coast Harmonizers,

Saurin J. Shah, M.D.

2020 Spring Show Chair